Some people eat because they have to. For them, food is fuel. They like it cheap and simple. No frills, no surprises. Some people even see music that way.

They wouldn’t understand the people at VOLKOREN.

For over the past 10 years, the people at VOLKOREN have been driven by one passion: their deep love for truly good music. VOLKOREN is the Dutch record label for connoisseurs. It serves superb flavours in subtle, delicious, quietly moving music. It draws its faithful family of lifetime followers.

VOLKOREN fans love the bands on the entire VOLKOREN menu – not just the one band. That’s because VOLKOREN offers music with the intimate atmosphere, authenticity and quality that they love, on beautiful and a lot of time handmade releases. VOLKOREN bands like at the close of every day (with their simply stunning artwork with every record), 16 Horsepower, anderson, Jonas David and SEA + AIR represent what music is really about: the ongoing quest for true, moving, authentic, heartfelt songs.

If you just love music, join the VOLKOREN family. Savour their true flavours. Enjoy.