Charles Frail and the moulting frames – Morning it breathes


Charles is an amazing singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. The first 500 copies are handmade by Charles himself.

Charles Frail is an Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter/composer whose repertoire consists of serenades and poetry. Influences range from fingerpickin’ Nick Drake to traditional American folk and contemporary folk such as Devendra Banhart and Bon Iver.

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1) I was the leaves that whisper take me off this tree
2) And when the wind gave us her tender, tender breeze
3) My blood was not enough
4) My hands were meek, my feet got stuck
5) But oh…..behold
6) What love may conquer
7) Morning, it breathes and makes me wonder
8) If morning breeze bereaved of breath
9) Would ease my pain, would sooth my sense
10) No nothing will outlive this glory
11) The darkest night will find me gone
12) I will be amidst the morning
13) I´ll find my home in break of dawn