Charles-Henri Maulini – Peaks


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Charles Henri Maulini was born and raised in the colorful city of Nice, in the south of France. Together with his brother Pierre (ex-M83, ex- HillMadeLow and now part of Stal) Charles has always created music. In their youth he and his brother toured Europe with the indie rock band A Red Season Shade and this is how Charles got in contact with VOLKOREN. After musical studies at the National Conservatoire of Music and years working as a concert organist and pianist, the time was right for something new…

Unfortunately, this was literally the exact same time of one of the most tragic events in the recent history of France. On November 13th, two days before he planned to leave Paris for the recordings of his debut album ‘Peaks’, Paris was hit by terrorist attacks. Charles and his brother made it out alive (even though one bomb exploded in their favorite restaurant) but they lost dear friends in the attacks. In 2016 Charles was back in Nice and again he was there when a terrorist attacked France as a big van drove into the crowd. Life would never be the same. One wonders what could be next.

In the midst of all this chaos and disaster, music felt more urgent than before. Even though he was scared and shocked he did leave Paris for a train trip to Amsterdam to record his album together with producers and friends Jan Borger and Minco Eggersman. The songs were of course greatly influenced by what had happened over the last two years and without a doubt, new songs came to light. Heavier perhaps than initially planned, the subtle and mesmerizing piano melodies that seem to comfort the heavy cellos (by Jonas Pap) give room to abstract guitar arrangements (by Johan Borger) based on the subtle drums and other organic sounds (by Minco Eggersman and Jan Borger). The light that seems hidden eventually burst out on the last and beautiful improvisation track with the honorable title ‘Paris’, in memory of many who died in the attacks, thus summing up an epic album that will resonate for a very long time.

Even though the songs can be melancholic, Charles Henri Maulini aims to touch every listener’s heart with a touch of hope and so lights up the light inside. Because though it can be heavy at times – he knows what he speaks of – music is, after all, hope.

After the recent albums of Larus Sigurdsson and the soundtracks of Minco Eggersman this album is a perfect next step for VOLKOREN and a must hear for anyone enjoying the albums of Nils Frahm, Eric Satie and Olafur Arnolds.