HILLMADELOW – We Made Flowers Out of Plastic Bags – Limited Japanese print


Absolutely great collaboration between Minco Eggersman (at the close of every day), Rene de Vries (This Beautiful Mess, Rollercoaster 23) and Pierre Maulini (A Red Season Shade).

Take the title literally if you want: fusing all kinds of ‘plastic’ sounds – samples, synths, electronics – the band has created a record that lives and breathes. Varying from catchy popsongs like ‘camouflage’ to soothing soundscapes like ‘misunderstood!’, it works like a soundtrack to a movie playing in your head.

Only a handful of Japanese versions available

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1. Misunderstood!!
2. Friends In High Places
3. Tricky game
4. Play As you like
5. Camouflage
6. Pillowtalk
7. We are all machines
8. lets’s eat sand
9. Where are you now
10. Alive In ’45
11. camouflage* (remix by diaLect/unstatuesque)