Jonas David – Keep The Times (VINYL)


The debut album of Jonas David now available as vinyl.
Limited red vinyl of Keep the times. Limited to 300. 180g.

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jonas david’s cinematic dreams Keep The Times on vinyl

the material for ‘keep the times’ took shape during an intense two week period in which jonas david experienced vehement, cinematic dreams, or which the plot had escaped him upon waking up, but the melodies and soundscapes were retained crystal clear, ready to record.

this way of creating something that has seemed to flourish deep inside a stirred soul was not new to Jonas. Every now and then a little black notebook gets flooded within minutes with complete songs. it seems that Jonas‘ subconscious is digesting everything into encapsulated parcels. and as soon as they are tied up strong enough, they come out.

while listening you will go on a claustrophobic voyage right into his world as if you were a voyeur in a submarine. sometimes the songs hide behind the chiming drops of a vibraphone and rhodes, sometimes enveloped in an almost hymnic polyphony, and only sporadically flowing from fragile whisper into a drawn-out tapestry of feedback. it is as if you have placed your ear against the periscope to hear the kettle orchestra make the seemingly endless journey, unnoticed by outsiders,
bearable with songs of hope and love, anger and pain.

amid the alienation, jonas david’s unique craftmanship for real head-and-tail songs is always just below the waterline. where the acoustic guitar or piano are allowed to play first fiddle, jonas david immediately competes with greater folk artists’ most weathered moments, like in ‘Silence Is Mine’ or the truly beautiful ‘You In The Fires’.

the german also boasts an exceptional, versatile voice. moving within seconds between Glen Hansard or Damien Rice’s reverb and Justin Vernon’s characteristic falsetto, and always carried by mellow harmonics, his voice transports his moods honestly and sensitively.

‘keep the times’ sounds the way it came about: an intense listening experience which is more often reminiscent of a soundtrack then it is of a pop album, but which nonetheless washes up a large catch of strong, timeless songs onto the shore of your unconscious. on stage jonas david relives his cinematic dreams. should you come to listen, be warned – you’re in for the journey.

Fears Take Flight
Keep The Times
You In The Fires
Weak Bones
Let me live
Silence Is Mine
All I know