the spirit that guides us – we are under reconstrucion part 1 (CD)


this is the third album of the spirit that guides us. featuring new songs, a japanees bonus track and some live songs and songs of old ep’s/7”’s. most songs are remixed and remastered.

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1. save the best for last (new song)
2. the tune (new song)
3. the vow to change (japanese bonus song)
4. hopeful forever (new version)
5. amongst all barren heights (new version)
6. deep and unanswered (new version)
7. 24 winters (remixed version)
8. agn�s (live version)
9. real life motion picture (live version)
10. enjoy the silence (remixed version)
11. the intolerant truth (remixed version)
12. the spirit anthem (remixed version)
13. what if oslo really failed (remixed version)
14. the occult conspiracy (remixed version)
15. dead end disarmer (remixed version)
16. it’s just how things end (new song)