this beautiful mess – temper the wind to the shorn lamb


A musical backdrop to autumn, written & performed by this beautiful mess in jewel case.

Temper the Wind to the Shorn Lamb is not your everyday record, but still it’s what we’ve been waiting for! It demonstrates sense of tradition and workmanship, but sounds remarkably urgent at the same time. Beautiful melodies, mature songs, great production and again their own sound. The album consists of 11 songs, which are memorable and genuinely moving.
Imagine the melodious of Coldplay, Sunny Day Real Estate or an early Radiohead meeting singer-songwriters like Bright Eyes, 16 Horsepower or Mojave 3. The sound of this beautiful mess is unmistakably cutting edge, yet vulnerable and unafraid of experiment. Don’t be surprised when this album gets stuck in your head and cd-player, the best release of 2003/2004!!

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1. come one, come all
2. kid of thee
3. up the barricades
4. for me ten others
5. everything is held now
6. for the life of me
7. don�t go there
8. avignon
9. wood for trees
10. refugee
11. did you mean it to be a fight?