the spirit that guides us – we are under reconstrucion part 2 (DVD)


this is the first dvd of the spirit that guides us. featuring a 14 song-live concert, very well filmed and edited. op top of that a lot of backstage stuff and sooooo many photo’s. all of the first 5 years of tstgu. in total over 100 minutes of tstgu live!

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1 deep and unanswered
2 dead end disarmer
3 the end is nigh
4 all the way to the usa
5 el salvador
6 defence mechanism
7 agnès
8 concertina crash
9 class of 1998
10 hopeful forever
11 the blossom powers
12 the spirit anthem
13 real life motion picture
14 enjoy the silence

1 (backstage at 013)
2 (today it’s groezrockday)
3 (a day out in berlin)

different stages:
(over 200 pictures of the last 5 years of tstgu)