anderson – it runs in the family



Meet the Bensons – ten estranged relatives living separate lives across the globe. Like all families, they can’t seem to manage with or without each other, being miles apart, but sharing their deepest feelings through the occasional postcard.

Besides being related, these ten individuals have something else in common: they each get their own song on it runs in the family, the terrific second album by ANDERSON.

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1. Michael * Running On The Asphalt
2. Trevor * On The Dance Floor
3. Sarah * For So Long We’re Been Disconnected
4. Cameron * The Center Of Your Universe
5. Rachel * For Heaven’s Sake
6. Richard * Mister Gravity
7. Catherine * And The Unexpected Guest
8. Napoleon * It’s You In The Spotlights
9. Silvester * My Company
10. Lewis * In A Bulletproof Vest