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after the very well received first 2 albums ‘The Wagon Fair’ (2004) and the soundtrack to the movie ‘Ooit’ (2008) in 2010 Minco Eggersman (ME) released his so called ‘magnum opus’ named ‘HAMDEN’. This third ME album visits darker territories than before, addressing some deep doubts and fears, a search for God that I needed to go to church for, and again not without hope. Unlike the previous records, ‘HAMDEN’ was recorded in one stretch, mostly live, with help from Ruben Bekx and Marieke Borger. Too restless to sleep, engineer Jan Borger and ME often recorded vocals at night. The job was done in five days – a tiring, but ultimately satisfying experience which has been caught on camera by Jaap van Heusden. one I want to share with you in this limited edition, which features some exclusive souvenirs from ‘HAMDEN’: a piece of carpet from the old church, exquisite pictures by Albert Korf, a piece of recording sheet, and a hand-made booklet. Late 2010 ME releases another soundtrack cd to yet another film, made by Jaap van Heusden. This 4th solo album and second soundtrack to a beautiful film is probably ME’s most atmospheric and layered album to this date. WIN/WIN is limited to 1000 copies and features 28 songs, 8 of which are not in the actual film. WIN/WIN is also available as dvd in our webshop, check it out.

WIN/WIN played at more than 15 film festivals around the world and in the Netherlands it has been very successful as well; from items on television and radio and many good reviews to a premiere at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and the Netherlands Film Festival.

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