Minco Eggersman – De Nieuwe Wereld (DVD/CD)


A chance meeting between a Dutch cleaner and an African asylum seeker leads to an unexpected relationship.

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Mirte is the grumpiest cleaner in the airport immigration centre, a single mother who cannot take care of her nineyear-old son, just managing to keep a grip on her life by following a strict set of routines. That is until Luke arrives, a West African refugee who is not put off by her aggression. During the ten days of his asylum procedure their disruptive encounters lead to an unexpected relationship that will challenge Mirte to change her life.

Screenplay: Rogier de Blok, Jaap van Heusden
Director of photography: Jan Moeskops
Production design: Jorien Sont
Costume design: Alette Kraan
Hair & make-up: Robert Stouthamer
Editor: Jasper Quispel
Music: Minco Eggersman
Sound design: Marco Vermaas
Line producer: Ada Goossens
– Project coordinator: Eline van Hagen
– Commissioning editor: Marina Blok,

NTR Television – Producer: Marc Bary, IJswater Films
Cast: Bianca Krijgsman (Winner International Emmy Award 2014 Best Actress), Issaka Sawadogo (‘The Invader’), Teun Stokkel, Janni Goslinga, Ali Ben Horsting, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Saskia Temmink, Eelco Smits, Mimoun Oaïssa, Annemarie Prins.
Production company: IJswater Films
Co-producing Public Broadcasting Company: NTR. Made within the Telefilm scheme, supported by CoBO
Film by Jaap van Heusden
Soundtrack by Minco Eggersman
Written and performed by Minco Eggersman

1. Towards The Wall
2. Procedure
3. Retour Afzender
4. Bootvluchteling
5. Diep
6. Tunnel
7. Mirte/Mam
8. Zonnestraal
9. No Man’s Land
10. Schemer
11. Mama
12. Zeewering
13. Applaus
14. Burning Papers
15. Lights Out
16. You Want Me To Lie?
17. Home Video
18. Roze Koek
19. Bye Bye Holland

The New World is full of memorable scenes: the atmosphere is deeply realistic but it is also often of a dreamy beauty. – Cine Magazine ****

The actress carries her role with energy, and is perfectly supported by Sawadogo, who has exactly the right appearance for the role. – Veronica Magazine ****

The chemistry that subsequently develops between the pair is rare both in its authenticity and its poignancy.- Daily Tiger

Van Heusden again displays his gift to combine small drama to big issues.
– NRC Handelsblad

Shot through with a droll, understated humour and distinguished by beautifully restrained performances, Van Heusden’s fi lm is a singular testament to the realities of the current ‘new world’.
– Rose Capp, Vice-President of the Film Critics Circle of Australia

A woman working in an immigration detainee center in the Netherlands, locked into her own suff ering, is immune to the suff erings of others. A new arrival from Africa becomes a catalyst through whom she recaptures her humanity. Powerfully spare and deliberate imagery, directed by Jaap van Heusden, leads
the audience through her transformation from a sterile view of life to a more richly human world of intimacy. – Jury’s report of the SIGNIS Award