Hidden Land – Perspectives


What is maybe most striking about Hidden Land’s premiere album is the conversation it achieves. Esoteric and stirring, it is a conversation of the beautiful and the painful, played out over mostly wordless vocals and swelling strings. It offers an invitation into the long pause — a reflective space where the unexpected twists and turns of each track feel a lot like life itself. Ambient and ethereal, one might think of the work of Sigur Rós or Alex and Jónsi. However, where both of those projects tend to lean into the experimental, Hidden Land takes on more traditional chord progressions and deconstructs them with discordant iterations, creating over and over again the texture of discourse.

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1 Wait Upon 01:55
2 Remind Me 05:07
3 Trinity 04:32
4 First Snow 04:01
5 Dark Is As Light 1 02:41
6 Excelsior 01:30
7 Dark Is As Light 2 03:25
8 Stripes 03:58
9 Homeward 01:50
10 Kom Morgon 02:21
11 Perspectives 05:24