Minco Eggersman & Theodoor Borger, feat. Aaron Parks & Oskar Gudjonsson – UNIFONY II (VINYL)


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After the successful collaboration with the Norwegian trumpeter Mathias Eick (ECM) on UNIFONY I, Eggersman and Borger continued on collaborating with different befriended musicians on the latest album of their unique project. This time Aaron Parks (ECM, Blue Note) on piano and Óskar Gudjónsson (ADHD, Mezzoforte) on saxophone joined the two Dutchmen. Aron and Óskar put Eggersman and Borger’s compositions in a different spotlight as their interpretations and harmonies ensured inspiration for all involved with a more jazzy album as a result. The artwork is again by James Marsh, who has become part of this special project. The British designer is responsible for all the iconic Talk Talk album covers and has won many design-awards over the years. To top it off, the album has been mastered by none other than 11x Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Bob Ludwig. He has worked with artists like Radiohead, Nirvana, Paul McCartney and many, many others. UNIFONY is a tribute to the work ethic of the eighties: being able to spend time in an inspiring studio, using great (vintage) instruments and recording equipment without constant pressure. Theodoor’s studio was the place for them where these unique UNIFONY songs could grow. This method and quality was recognized and appreciated by others, which led to Mathias, Aaron, Oskar, James and Bob joining forces. In the end, UNIFONY is the final result of all this talent.