Minco Eggersman & Theodoor Borger, feat. Mathias Eick – UNIFONY (CD)


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Minco Eggersman and Theodoor Borger – both from the Netherlands – serve us their minimalistic and cinematic music which is all about improvisation, craftsmanship, soundscapes, high-end, renewal and last but not least friendship…

Minco and Theodoor have been friends for many years now, and ever since Theodoor came back from a summer-break on Iceland and decided to rebuild his studio from scratch, he and Minco have been talking about this idea. The idea of creating music without any preparations but with a specific  inspiring musician in mind that they would actually contact afterwards: no reserve, rehearsals, no demos, nothing. 

After Theodoor bought the famous Bechstein 8 piano for which he had sought for years, notes started to come alive triggering the right emotion. At the same time Minco wanted to start experimenting with the way he composed music. After 20 years of writing and recording music for films, documentaires and different bands he needed to change his system of working in order to take his music to a new level. For months they retreated from daily life, collecting and installing all their instruments, computers, tape delays and taperecorder. After experimenting, improvising and modulation, beautiful sounds and new songs simply started to come alive in Theodoor’s new studio. The most exciting part of this process was that Norwegian trompet-player Mathias Eick (of ECM Records) joined the bandwagon and as he really took these songs to heart, everything fell into place. As they let go of structures, systems and habits they found the essence they were looking for. 

Call it minimal, cinematic or simply modern. For sure the quality of the vintage sounds and high-end recordings definitely are unique and something to look out for in the future.