SEA + AIR – My heart’s sick chord


A Greek folklore dancer who had to sing secretly when she was a kid and a German composer who can´t read music?
A harpsichordist with fear of flying and a guitarist who is scared of the sea?
Or a bassist who plays her instrument with her feet and a drummer who would´ve rather stayed in his punk band?
SEA+AIR is all of this.

Inspired by the melodic beauty of J. S. Bach´s baroque, the deep and experimental epoch of German 70´s music such as Popol Vuh and the big architecture of stadium rock like The Scorpions, the still simple songwriting of SEA+AIR always finds back to catchy but striking hymns that a country at the sea like Greece develops and spreads since centuries.

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Take Me for a Ride (5:09)
Mercy Street (5:00)
Dirty Love (3:09)
The Sea After a Storm (2:42)
You Don’t Care About Me (2:43)
Safe from Harm (3:58)
You & I (3:32)
Do Animals Cry? (3:05)
The Heart of the Rainbow (2:41)
Yeah I Know (3:23)
Like a Spy on the Roof (4:04)
1st Life (3:13)
My Heart’s Sickest Chord (8:28)