The material for ‘Keep The Times’ took shape during an intense two week period in which Jonas David experienced intense and cinematic dreams. Upon waking up, the plot had escaped him; however, the melodies and soundscapes remained crystal clear, ready to record.
This way of creating something that has seemed to flourish deep inside a stirred soul was not new to Jonas. Every now and then a little black notebook gets flooded within minutes with complete songs. It seems that Jonas‘ subconscious is diges- ting everything into encapsulated parcels. And as soon as they are tied up strong enough, they come out.
This german boasts an exceptional voice, which seems to be very versatile. Moving from a studier clear voice like Glen Hansard or Damien Rice to Justin Vernon‘s mellow and sometimes sharp falsetto, his voice seems able to change within se- conds. Always carried by beautifully mellow harmonics, his voice transports temper very honest and sensitive.
‚Keep The Times‘ sounds the way it came about. It‘s an intensely passionate liste- ning experience, resembling more a soundtrack than a pop album, all the while wa- shing up powerful and timeless songs onto the shore of your mind. On stage Jonas David relives his cinematic dreams and puts himself back into the feelings he had when he wrote. Should you come to listen, be warned – you‘re in for the journey.