Mariecke takes you along into her world with a voice that has been praised in several reviews since she was fourteen; a voice in a million. The songs are not full of big words and exaggerated emotions. No, they are indeed the little stories that often go unnoticed in daily life. The songs are apparently from another time – the 70s influences are unequivocal.

‘Through my eyes’ has become a grown-up singer-songwriter album that will surely not look unbecoming on the shelves of the record store next to albums of Gillian Welch, Rosie Thomas and Lisa Hannigan.
Quotes of people who used to work with Mariecke:

“Mariecke Borger writes warm, catchy and narrative songs. The songs which seem simple at first hearing always get a surprising twist which ensures the listener doesn’t want to miss a moment.”

Eelco Grimm:
“The first time I heard Mariecke sing it was as if I was nailed to the ground. She was sixteen years old and sang all those compositions of her own of which you’d swear you’d known them for years. From that moment I have been following her and whenever I hear her, goosebumps or even tears are never far away.”

Minco Eggersman:
“A voice in a million… Absolutely beautiful, you come across such a voice only a few times in your life.”