After their last album ‘Outtakes from the Revival Songbook’, which was attached to the novel ‘Nineve’ by their singer Rick de Gier, Ponoka is apparently through creating ordinary albums. Their new project is another combination of music and literature, called ‘Lost in Ponoka’. It’s an ode to the peculiar Canadian town of Ponoka, where Rick grew up, in songs, stories, and photography by Rick’s sister Marian. The project will be released in October, in the form of a beautiful full color book including a CD. As for the music, ‘Lost in Ponoka’ is a typical Ponoka album with plenty of catchy indie tunes, but this time there’s a fitting americana twist. Expect to hear banjo, pedal steel and hammond, as well as some smooth backing vocals from Mevrouw Tamara (known from Dutch TV show ‘De beste singer-songwriter van Nederland’).