On the commercial climax of the genres „Singer/Songwriter“ and „Indie“ the big question is: What´s next?

A Greek folklore dancer who had to sing secretly when she was a kid and a German composer who can´t read music?

A harpsichordist with fear of flying and a guitarist who is scared of the sea?

Or a bassist who plays her instrument with her feet and a drummer who would´ve rather stayed in his punk band?

SEA+AIR is all of this.

Inspired by the melodic beauty of J. S. Bach´s baroque, the deep and experimental epoch of German 70´s music such as Popol Vuh and the big architecture of stadium rock like The Scorpions, the still simple songwriting of SEA+AIR always finds back to catchy but striking hymns that a country at the sea like Greece develops and spreads since centuries.

Since October 2011, the duo is currently be on world tour for 500 gigs in two years.

Live they both play up to five instruments at the same time which makes a band and sounds from tape unnecessary.

SEA + AIR have toured as support for artists like Sufjan Stevens, White Stripes, Jose Gonzalez, The Flaming Lips, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Woven Hand, John Grant and The Divine Comedy.