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Since 2003, VOLKOREN has been releasing music for the ears and hearts of all the people to hear. That means we'll be celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2018!

David Ĺhlén and Charles Henri Maulini will hit the Dutch roads for a special and intimate tour.

Visit them on one of the concerts near you!
February 21, Het koffiepand, Middelburg, NL (koffiepand.nl)
February 22, De Agnietenkapel, Gouda, NL (www.truetickets.nl/david-ahlen)
February 23, Galerie 1400, Slijk-Ewijk, NL (www.galerie1400.nl)
February 24, Trinitatiskapel, Dordrecht, NL (www.fluister.org)
February 25, De Wissel, Ede, NL (www.truetickets.nl/david-ahlen)

There concerts are made possible by Fluister!


Lárus Sigurdsson

Imagine Iceland, a winter’s day, you are alone and there’s hardly any light. However, in some way light that’s left, reflects on a big lake. It’s hard to determine its origin. Somehow it does not matter, as this resonates beauty in its purest form …

Now it’s first time for The Beauty of an Ending. This album is based on piano improvisations, played in a little Icelandic church after a period of mourning. Lárus found himself on a crossroads, which led him to these improvisations. Besides that, he had to turn away from his work and dwelling place. The only things left were his music and his own life. These beautiful, but sometimes painful sketches on piano are accompanied by Lárus’ typical soundscapes. Despite the melancholia, hope is rising in this work and the music is more about life than about dead. That’s why the working title Requiem was changed into The Beauty of an Ending.

The Beauty of Ending is the first part of a trilogy. The other parts will be released later on this year.

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